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Wardrobe is super important! What you choose to wear to your session will greatly affect how your images turn out. Colors, textures, patterns, contrast, and layers play an enormous part in the end results as well. I highly recommend neutrals and earth tones!


However, the outfit you wear to your session should reflect your individual style and personality. Here is my personal guide to assist you and help you look your best!

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No one should be wearing the exact same color unless they are of different textures. Gear towards different shades in the same color palette. Your goal is to compliment each other and at the same time not be too matchy-matchy. Go for earth tones and neutrals. Colors you might want to avoid are cool tones as it could wash you out and make your skin look gray.


There are so many different textured materials that can add detail to your photos. This also depends on the weather. You don't want to be wearing a cardigan in 85 degrees. Dress for the season. 

Some examples of textured clothing - 

  • Lace

  • Linen

  • Velvet

  • Wool

  • Silk

  • Corduroy

  • Chiffon 


Create visual interest! This can be done with a floral pattern or stripes. Stick to a medium size pattern or small if you prefer. Stay away from large bold prints. Rule of thumb for larger groups only one in three can be in a pattern.  


This goes along with not wearing the same color. Might make your bodies blend together and no one is going to stand out. If one person wears a dark color the other should be in a lighter shade creating contrast. This will enhance your photos. 


Such a fun way to add depth to your photos. This could be a textured neutral blanket,  a simple knitted sweater, vests, or jackets. Layers will add a warm feel to your photos. 


If your going to be at the beach or a park, heels are not going to be pleasant. Instead opt for sandals or wedges for the ladies. Guys try to avoid open toed shoes and go for a relaxed nice casual shoe. Your shoes should not have any graphic prints, large logos, or bold color. 

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